Sydney CBD

Precision eye measurements

ZEISS IOL master 700

This latest and most advanced model by ZEISS, used to measure your eye prior to cataract surgery. It offers enhanced ocular measurements along with new complex formulas to give you high precision outcome following cataract surgery.



The next-gen sophisticated scanner that images the retina and cornea of the eye. It offers high speed (100000 scans per second) capturing of HD images with wider field of view than other competing machines. This allows us to establish and assess the health of your eye with great detail.

Nerve function of the eye

ZEISS Humphrey Field Analyser HFA II-i

Latest offering from Zeiss company which assess the optic nerve function. It accurately maps out any losses in the field of vision (which is extremely useful for the assessment of glaucoma, neurological disease, and also for driving tests).

Precision Ophthalmic lasers

ELLEX Laser systems

We have a comprehensive range of laser machines from ELLEX – a leading brand in the field. Numerous ocular conditions may require prompt treatment with laser in order to halt the progression of disease. These include retinal tears, glaucoma, diabetic eye diseases. Our practice